3D Rotate Tool Examples

Thanks for using the 3D Rotate Tool. The images loaded can be a set of images + config.xml or a single zip file.

images + config.xml

You set the path to the folder which contains the config.xml as a flashVar parameter, e.g. : flashVars = "path=somefolder/". In our case, the path is set to: "path=sources/". If you ommit the path parameter, rotateTool looks for the config.xml in the current folder.

You can use the same images with another theme. Please note that to change the size of the swf you need to edit the fla file, it is not enough just to set width and height in the html code.

single zip file, another theme

Here we are loaidng a single zip file created by the Config Utility. In our case we set the flashVar parameter to : flashVars = "dataFile=sources/earrings.zip" because the earrings.zip is located in the sources folder.

Manual and more examples

For more informaiton on how to set up the 3D Rotate Tool please see the manual. Take a look also on the examples on the blog.yofla.com site.

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